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Generative Design: Optimized Performance & Editability

Novineer design technology research has been funded by

Editable Geometry

Optimized CAD model with topologically manageable features

Novineer generative design provides CAD models that are not only optimized for performance but also designed for adaptability. Engineers and designers can now download and refine these precision-driven designs to meet exacting standards.

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Superior Performance

Strength-based, optimized orientation for anisotropic properties


Novineer excels in both stiffness-based and strength-based optimization, utilizing the Tsai-Wu failure criteria. Novineer leverages anisotropic material properties right from the design start, by designing the material orientation, it enabling more efficient load distribution and significantly boosting structure strength and stiffness.

Toolpaths Optimization

Geometry and toolpath optimization based on manufacturability

Novineer's innovative 'Design-to-Toolpath  Automation' technology revolutionizes the process by integrating the design of geometric layouts with toolpath generation. This approach not only respects component-specific  constraints, such as load and weight limitations but also adheres to manufacturing parameters.

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Accelerated Computation

Cloud high-performance computing for design and simulation

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Novineer's design software utilizes the power of cloud high-performance computing and design domain decomposition functions. This advanced technology enables parallel design and simulation across multiple cloud-based processors, significantly speeding up the workflow and ensuring more efficient, effective results.