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Torque Link Design

Comparative Geometric Design Analysis of a Torque Link: Novineer vs. Other CAE Software. 

Novineer Capabilities
Editable Model
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Advanced Optimized CAD Model

Designed with topologically manageable features


Novineer's design technology merges optimized performance, ease of editability, and the preservation of essential non-design elements. Its optimized model strategically incorporates discrete geometric elements, streamlining CAD operations such as Boolean, Fusion, and Cut, and thus enhancing design workflow efficiency. The model exemplifies this with a torque link design, featuring a manageable 155 surfaces and a compact 0.5MB .stp file, ensuring broad CAD software compatibility without high-end workstations.

Editable Geometry: A New Era in Engineering Design

Tailoring to engineering requirements

The ease of modification of Novineer’s optimized model is shown for the torque link application. This model exemplifies efficiency and adaptability, allowing enhancements to be completed in just two steps, requiring only 20 minutes of engineering time. The first step involves the removal of the hanging surfaces on both the top and bottom of the design. The second step is modifying the mismatch surfaces to ensure a seamless transition between design and non-design volumes. Such modifications are crucial in maintaining the balance between optimized performance and the preservation of essential non-design elements, a hallmark of Novineer's approach. Post-modification has 152 surfaces, and its size is 0.5MB.


Comparative Analysis: Efficiency in Complexity Management

Evaluating Novineer vs. other CAE software


Novineer's efficiency in managing complex models is evident when compared to traditional CAE software. The alternative CAE model starts with a daunting 529,358 surfaces, posing significant computational and design challenges. Even after 120 minutes of post-processing, reducing surfaces to 48,225, the model remains complex and potentially inefficient for further processing. In contrast, the file size balloons to 61 MB, indicating high computational demands. Novineer's model, in comparison, begins more manageably, showcasing its superiority in optimizing complex designs with fewer surfaces and a smaller file size, even before post-processing.